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Wood Based Biomass

Utilizing wood based biomass energy business to revitalize the Japanese forestry.

Since the liberalization of timber imports the Japanese forestry sector is facing several issues such as delayed thinning and lack of human resources.

Thanks to the use of local timber, the natural cycle: “planting → growth → use → planting” is maintained and allows the sustainable use of the forest. The multiple services provided to the ecosystems by the forest can thus be protected while the profits from the timber industry can be used by the local communities and contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese countryside.

As a carbon neutral energy source wood base biomass power and heat generation is attracting more and more attention. For Japan, which has abundant forest resources, effective utilization of woody biomass energy can be a key to solving the challenges of creating employment in the areas where forestry is currently facing difficulties.


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Comprehensive support for the use of woody biomass for regional development

Biomass is generally a power generation business, but power generation is a business in which profits are not returned to local residents and forestry companies.
What is needed is a “district heating system” that uses thinned wood, forest residue, and sawn timber scraps as combustible for high efficiency heat generation in small areas such as villages and towns.
We comprehensively support the biomass business in order to realize a “district heating system”.

Feasibility study

In order to introduce wood based biomass generation to facilities in need of heat, it is necessary to clarify the objective as well as consequences of the business prospect.

The points that needs to be emphasized in priority are: Compatibility with the forestry and lumber industry, The rentability and feasibility of the business prospect, The optimisation of scale, The type of fuel to be used.
We will procure advice pertaining to the choice of the adequate biomass to be used depending on the local resources after investigation.
Main survey contents:
  • Understanding the amount of biomass resources (amount of wood resources, amount of scraps from the lumber industry, etc.)
  • Equipment scale setting
  • Purpose of energy use: Types of industries and equipment that require heat (agricultural houses, hot bath facilities, etc.)
  • We also accept only heat measurement demand. It is ideal for studying the possibility of introduction in units of equipment.
  • Basic analysis is available free of charge. Please feel free to contact us.

Equipment installation support

Based on the information gathered in the preliminary survey, we will select the most suitable equipment and fuel type for the site.
In addition we will include in our calculation the costs of the equipment, construction work, fuel type, and maintenance to allow for a clear view of the merits of the biomass plant.

The support we offer:
  • Creating and drafting plans for a biomass plant adapted to the local needs.
  • Formulation of plans and establishment of supply systems for stable fuel procurement.
  • Help in selecting the equipment.
  • Support for subsidy surveys and applications
  • Biomass equipment requires equipment such as silos, transport equipment, heat storage tanks, hot water conduits, and control equipment in addition to boilers.
  • Depending on the facility, a biomass wood dryer, biomass steam boiler, and power generation equipment may be required.


Survey and references

Hokkaido Prefecture “Woody biomass heat utilization commercialization plan formulation business” Re-contracted equipment survey and heat demand measurement of facilities in the town block from a major consultant.
Tottori prefecture “Woody biomass boiler introduction commercialization plan” We are entrusted with equipment surveys, hot water supply / heating heat load verification, and equipment planning for facilities under consideration for introduction from a local consultant.
Gunma prefecture Solution: biomass based wood dryer
Client: local lumber company Machinery (equipment): high temperature dryer, biomass boiler Fuel: sawmill scraps

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