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Vortex Hydro-Electric Power Plant

Gravitational Water Vortex Power Plant, a water turbine adapted to small height differences

A small hydro-electric power plant
The Vortex is a small hydro-electric power plant harnessing the energy flowing in small waterways and rivers to produce electricity.
This type of electric generation is not only beneficial for the Earth because of its low Co2 impact but also for the localities creating local employment opportunities.

The electricity is generated by a turbine that is powered by a water vortex. The vortex is created by the circular shape of the basin and the drop created at the bottom by the drain hole.

This water turbine is designed with the idea of producing energy on a local scale for a local consumption. It is also well adapted as a power supply for emergency prevention facilities.
Thanks to the vortex created by this system, some additional oxygen is incorporated in the water creating positive repercussions for the local aquatic fauna. The original idea for this system was created by Mr. Zotloterer to improve the water quality of the pond in his garden.
The Vortex water turbine is an optimal solution to produce energy while respecting the environment and has been recognized as such in many European countries concerned with their ecological footprint.
Features Originally developed from a water purification system utilizing natural whirlpool.The whirlpool allows for a better oxygenation of the water creating a more favorable habitat for many aquatic species.
The Vortex water turbine has gaps and a low pressure which allows easy passage for fishes.
The unique design of the turbine and its whirlpool is sure to attract and intrigue people, sparking interest about the potential of our environment to produce energy in clean and renewable ways.

Case studies:
Other types of small hydro-electric power plants

Installation location: Kanto region (Japan)Type of turbine: Pelton turbine

Maximum output: 199kW Flow rate: 160L / s Head: 150m

Installation location: Kaisei Town, Kanagawa Prefecture (Japan)
Type of turbine: Spiral turbine

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