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Solar Power

Optimizing solar power generation thanks to energy storage.


~Emergency power supply in case of disasters~

In recent years, there have been an ever increasing number of power outages caused by natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rains.
In consequence, it is important for private companies as well as public facilities and local governments to take BCP* measures into consideration.

BCP(Business continuity plan): BCP or Business Continuity Plan consist in making preparations and contingency plans in case of disasters or accidents in order to avoid interruption of business/services or, in worst cases, to allow for a swift recovery.
Solar power with energy storage

By combining energy storage and solar power generation for self consumption, it is possible to create a non interruptible source of power even during emergency situations.
Usually, solar power cannot provide electricity at night or when the weather is not suitable. However, by incorporating energy storage these drawbacks can be avoided and electricity made available anytime and in any situation.

Cost saving

Combining Solar power and energy storage is not only useful in case of emergency power outage but can also be used everyday to save money by cutting energy costs.
There are several ways to improve the efficiency of solar power generation in order to cut costs. For example by performing what is called “Peak Shifting” which consists in storing the excess amount of power produced by solar panels at midday to better use it (or sell it) when it is needed (or when the selling price is higher).

Our Business

The amount of electricity generated by solar power varies depending on many parameters like the environmental conditions, the situation of the site.
Our team can go on site to analyse your power requirements and provide advices to best suit your needs.
In addition, we can also provide assistance when calculating the necessary power generation and energy storage system for you to be used in case of disaster.

The support we offer

  • Interview current status and electricity consumption
  • On-site survey (facilities and equipment)
  • Meetings on time, facilities, areas, etc.  to supply electricity in case of power failure
  • Propose installation facilities, costs, benefits, operations, etc.
  • Application Support for Subsidiaries
  • Deployment Schedule Coordination