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Platipus Anchors tree anchoring system

Plant trees and create beautiful landscapes easily and safely with the Platipus tree anchoring system.

Installation in 4 simple steps !

Young and newly planted trees are often at their most vulnerable time right after their installation in their new environment. Until their root system can grow and safely secure them to the ground they remains in danger and to prevent them from falling a strong anchoring solution is highly recommended.
The Platipus tree anchor system allows the simple planting of trees in many places, safely and strongly securing them to their new living quarters wherever they may be, from parks to rooftop gardens.

The technology of the tree anchors is the fruit of many years of experiences from the British company Platipus Anchors, which pioneered the percussion driven earth anchors(PDEA) technology, and is both reliable and easy to use.
With its many prestigious references overseas, ranging from Europe to the United States of America, and great range of use the Platipus tree anchor is now finally available in Japan for all our customers wanting their newly planted trees to be both esthetically pleasing and safely anchored.

With the the Platipus tree anchor there is no more use for wooden supports !

Discover the advantages of the tree anchor

Safe and esthetic: Without any parts of the anchoring system sticking out of the ground, trip hazards are avoided and a beautiful finish is assured.
Strong: Can resist typhoons and wind up to strength 9 on the Beaufort scale.
Easy to use: The tree anchor system has been developed to be quickly set up with a minimum amount of tools and efforts thanks to the years of experiences from Platipus.
Adaptable: The tree anchor system exists in many sizes for trees up to 20m tall and can be safely used in many places, rooftops, parks, private gardens with a very low environmental impact.

A highly adaptable anchoring solution !

For a classical utilization in a park or a garden we recommend our Rootball Fixing System with Plati-Mat and aluminum alloy anchors. It can be used in many types of soil and the size of the anchors can be adapted to the size of your trees.
When planting trees in areas with access to only shallow soil or with many underground cables we recommend the D-MAN anchor system with Plati-Mat. This particular type of anchoring is very well suited to rooftops application where the D-MAN anchors can be stacked together to adapt to many situations or design requirements.

What about resistance to extreme weather ?

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