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An ecologically friendly way of improving the water quality in dams and lacs


The Kosuijin uses pumped air to create a convection movement in the water. This movement allows for the surface layer of the water to be directed downward while simultaneously sending to the surface the bottom layer of the water.
The mixing provided by the Kosuijin not only brings oxygen to the bottom layer of the water but also prevents blue-green algae bloom from occurring.
Thanks to Kosuijin, it is possible to avoid algae blooms without the use of chemicals!

Improve the water quality and respecting the environment The Kosuijin doesn’t need any chemicals to be efficient and require only a small amount of energy to function.
Maintenance free ! The underwater equipment has a simple structure with few moving parts making it very reliable and thus reducing maintenance related costs.
In harmony with the landscape Only an air compressor is necessary for the Kosuijin to function thus the water quality is improved without sacrificing the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Creating a downward current to improve the water quality

Air is ejected from the Kosuijin, generating an updraft which drives a convection like movement of water. This movement of water brings the surface water, rich in O2, to the bottom thus eliminating anoxic condition in the lower layers of the lac and improving the overall quality of the water.


The main advantages of the Kosuijin

  • Circulate the water across all the water columns thanks to a worldwide exclusive system creating a three dimensional flow in the water.
  • Send the oxygen rich surface water to the bottom with a downward flow and suppress the elution of nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • The movement created by the Kosuijin inhibits the proliferation of blue-green algae and suppresses the occurrence of algal bloom.
  • With an increased oxygen level in the bottom layer of the water, benthic organisms will proliferate and decompose at a higher rate organic maters thus decreasing the turbidity of the water.
Installation procedure

Example of water quality improvement

–Kasegawa Dam, Minamishimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Effective water storage capacity: 119,000 m³
Effective water depth: 5.2m
Equipement: Kosuijin Type 3K

Available storage capacity: 119,000m³ Net depth:5.2m

After installation, water temperature and dissolved oxygen were measured at each depth. The water temperature and the dissolved oxygen level have been kept constant regardless of the depth of the water after the installation of Kosuijin.

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