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Livestock Biomass

Improving our agriculture sustainability using biomass
based power generation and compost.

In the past, farmers used to make effective use of biomass
such as manure and dried sardines, but since the spread of chemical fertilizers, opportunities to utilize biomass have decreased.
Manure that is no longer reused is left unattended,
and there are many problems with foul odors and waste disposal.
We will review the value of agricultural biomass resources and support their utilization
as energy and fertilizers of natural origin.

Unique suggestions for sustainable agriculture  
In response to the rise of the “organic farming boom” and “SDGs”, technologies for producing compost from agricultural and livestock biomass and technologies for producing energy are evolving day by day. With biomass generation, rice husks, vegetable stems, vines, leaves and livestock manure can be effectively used as resources (feedstocks).
However, sustainable biomass utilization cannot be promoted simply by introducing energy equipment and composting equipment.It is necessary to create a business plan in advance in order to evaluate the multiple parameters essential to a well functioning biomass business. Parameters such as the amount of biomass in the area, the type of energy needed (whether it is heat, electricity or both), and the local potential for the use of the compost.
We will support our customers’ livestock biomass business by performing ” feasibility studies” and ” support for equipment introduction”.
Feasibility study
The following surveys will be conducted to investigate the availability of local resources, the potential energy demand from local facilities whether as electricity or/and heat, and the local demand of fertilizer.
Main survey contents:
  • Local livestock and agricultural environment
  • Properties of livestock and agricultural residues discharged
  • Energy and fertilizer demand lines, etc.

Survey of the available livestock and agriculture resources in the area

Types of agricultural residues

Energy or Material demand

Support for equipment introduction
Based on the information obtained from the pre-installation survey, we will select the most suitable equipment and fuel for the site.
In addition, we calculate costs such as equipment costs, construction costs, fuel costs, and maintenance costs, and highlight the benefits of using biomass.
Main survey contents:
  • Creating and drafting a plan for a biomass facility suitable for the region
  • Formulation of plans for the establishment of a stable fuel supply
  • Equipment selection
  • Support for subsidy surveys and applications
  • Methane fermentation / power plant
  • Compression / solid fuel conversion equipment
  • RPF boiler
  • Plastic pyrolysis / oiling equipment
We provide various services other than the above.Please feel free to contact us.
All the pictures of biogas plants above are courtesy ofNaskeo