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Yasuragi -Wooden Soundproof Wall-

Noise Countermeasures with Natural Wood
Environmentally friendly wooden soundproof wall “Yasuragi”

The warmth of wood Compared to the usual sound barrier made of metal, the wooden sound barrier doesn’t contrast with the landscape, exhibiting a soft and welcoming appearance thanks to its wooden exterior materials.
Design and adaptability The size of each panel is standardized to meet the expectation of a maximum number of customers, nevertheless we can also design each panel according to your particular needs if necessary.
Reliable soundproofing performances The Wooden sound wall was made respecting the standards of NEXCO, it can be trusted in many situations where noise control is needed. For example in the case of educational facilities or in order to improve the image of commercial facilities.

Study Case

Nursery school / educational facility

Established in 2020 Kagoshima Prefecture

Around air conditioning units

Along highways and roads

Installed in 2008, Aichi Prefecture

Customer’s voice

Yasuragi was chosen for the softer impression provided by its wooden exterior compared to the usually used cold metallic sound barriers.

Nursery school Yamaguchi

We have compared the "Yasuragi" with many other products and after taking into consideration its soundproofing quality with its design and durability, we decided that it was the best sound proofing wall for us.

Kindergarten Kagoshima

Product information

Soundproofing performances
The “yasuragi” provide enough sound blocking performance to be trusted in a variety of situations, from public and commercial facilities to private properties.
In nursery school for example, the Yasuragi is effective at dampening the voices of infants and childrens, reliably covering high frequency ranges (1000Hz to 4000Hz). The test presented here is used to evaluate the performance of the Yasuragi. The values and performances measured depend on the environmental conditions (whether it is used along roads or around nursery schools)
等分布荷重試験 Safety performance against wind load is being tested. As a result, it can withstand wind speed of 45 m and can be used safely in terms of strength.
Panel details
  • Characteristics of the Wood: The wood is treated with preservatives prolonging its durability to 15 years. The preservative’s safety is JWPA approved, and is injected under pressure so that it is not corroded by the action of the wind and rain. In addition, our patented construction method prevents water from accumulating inside the wall.
  • Surface protection: To protect the sound absorbing materials inside from external damages a protection sheet is applied on its surface.

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