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Platipus Anchor Landslide Recovery System

Preventing landslides with hand held equipment only !
Securing blue sheets with anchors


What is the Platipus Anchor Landslide recovery system ?
The Platipus Anchor Landslide recovery system is used to secure sheets to cover the surface of collapsed slopes. From the occurrence of the landslide until the main restoration work, the slope will be covered with a sheet in order to prevent the area from further damage due to exposure to rainwaters.
However, in recent years, due to an increase in frequency of natural disasters coupled with a labor shortage, restoration works have not been able to catch up.
As a result secondary disasters caused by a lack of adequate anchoring of the sheet securing the soil have higher chances of occurring.
The Platipus Anchors greatly alleviate these problems thanks to its quick and easy installation and its strong anchoring capacity.

How to use the Anchor

Driving the anchor is a simple process that can be completed in about a minute.

▼ Click here to see a video of the installation process ▼

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Case study

About Platipus Anchor

Platipus Anchors Limited are market leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of mechanical earth anchoring products in the UK.
Founded in 1982, Platypus is renowned for providing some of the most innovative and cost effective anchoring solutions for the Civil Engineering and Construction Industries.
As a local distributor, can provide customers in the Japanese market with a wide variety of anchors systems.


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